Splash Out

Splash Out is a new concept shop for Rheged, bringing exclusive cosmetics and clothing brands to the Lake District – a pleasant change from all the hiking and food shops that can be found in the area.

We wanted it to feature a modern eclectic interior with an elegant feel, since much of the stock on the shelves is high quality and unusual. To boost the feeling of being in a one-of-a-kind place, we used vintage and collected items, as well as bespoke, to complement and showcase the products. This was done with flexibility in mind, to allow the product ranges to expand while the shop tested its market.

Some of the loveliest features of Splash Out’s interior include the tables that were made from old doors with trestle legs, and bespoke shelves for cosmetics, created with moulded architraves (door frames). We individually sourced each light and hook, always with a thought to the look of the overall presentation, and their use has created a mismatched, informal look, functional yet pretty. We grounded the scheme with a deep teal-coloured rubber material for durability, easy cleaning and an attractive overall feel.